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Low-key Portuguese

Pathways into Portuguese - 10+ Online Guided Immersive Journeys (Digital Download)

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"Pathways into Portuguese" is a unique and proprietary learning resource that fits in the realm of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) for European Portuguese learners. This concept weaves digital resources into a tapestry of simulated real-life experiences, offering learners an opportunity to engage with the language in practical, everyday contexts. At their core, "Pathways" are about bringing the authentic Portuguese environment to the learner, regardless of their geographical location.

The philosophy behind "Pathways into Portuguese" is rooted in experiential learning. By simulating real-life scenarios, such as navigating a Portuguese city, ordering food in a restaurant, or interacting in a supermarket, learners are exposed to practical language usage. This approach aligns with TBLT principles, emphasizing the use of language for meaningful communication rather than just rote learning of grammar and vocabulary.

What sets "Guided Journeys" apart is its utilization of the digital tools in everyone's pocket. Interactive online environments, multimedia content, and opportunities for direct engagement are seamlessly integrated to create a rich, immersive learning environment. These tools are not just about visual or auditory stimulation; they are crafted to elicit active language use, encouraging learners to read, write, and think in Portuguese. As a result, "Pathways into Portuguese" offer a deeply engaging and effective route to language proficiency, tailored to the digital age.

What You Get:

  • 11 PDF Documents (10 unique journeys + 1 English key) each containing an online, guided, immersive exercises geared toward language acquisition.
  • Access to our WhatsApp group to share your experiences.