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S.A. Pedrosa Language & Art

Language and Culture Consultant (Texting Buddy)

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Are you heading to Portugal and don't speak the language? Are you nervous about the language barrier? Well, I can help! As a dual Portuguese-American citizen, I have experience navigating daily life both in Portugal and the United States. As the son of immigrants, I'm familiar with the intricacies of how difficult it can be for people who don't speak the language to do something as simple as asking for things they need at pharmacies and stores. As well as more complicated things, like speaking with people at the bank and other offices. (bureaucracy is everywhere!)

While you can always use Google Translate or have quick reference materials at hand, sometimes it's just easier to talk to an actual human being that can offer a quick translation and a more personal interaction. This could include something like telling you how to say "where to find a bathroom" or "where can I find a fitting room"; it could also be something like translating a road, office, building, or other signs. Send me a photo of the sign and I'll text you the translation!

This purchase will cover one week (seven consecutive days) of text-to-text translation services, from 8h00 to 22h00 Portuguese time (8 am - 10 pm US time)  

In addition to our text-to-text option, we have more language services available. For example, if you're visiting Portugal on a scouting mission and you have something a bit more intricate or specific you'd like help with, I can offer help with that too! Pricing is available upon request.



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